Monday, June 29, 2009

TAG 14

Tagged amek dari Cik Wani

His Birthday:
February 23rd, 1988

How long have you been together?
Less then 3weeks genap lah 2tahun 2bulan

How long did you know each other before you got together?
Kenal da lame kot time kt kolej. Ntah. 11 April 07 1st time kua then 16 May 07 couple. Haha

What physical features attracted you to him first?:
Hmm rambut die yg pacak2 uh kot. Haha. Dgn the way die nk masuk line uh. Hahaha

Hair color:

Hair style:
Pacak. Cicak jatuh ats rambut Wan pn boley mati. Haha

How did you meet?
Wan uh college mate lah


How serious is it:
Kdg2 je serius laen2 uh mepek byk. Haha

Are you in love

Do your parents like him:
Jap nk tanye. Haha

Does it matter?:
Hmm ntah

Do you trust him?
As long as u trust me, so do i Gege ;)

Do you have a shirt of his that you sleep with:
Ade. Baju kemeja clas die tp xbwk tdo la. Bantal kn da ade. Hehe

Do you like the way he smells:
Teruja! Haha

Can you picture having kids with him:
Ahaha ;D

Does he have a temper?
Kdg2 ble time gado. Salu kene marah ngn Gege. Haha

Are you happy to be with him:
Absolutely YES!

Does he embarrass you in public:
Ahahaha kdg2 uh ade gak niat die nk wt mepek kt public tp bejaya d halang. Haha


Does he have any piercings?:
Tiada. Gege jgn brani wt ok. I xpe. Haha

Does he have any scars that you know of?:
Bawah dagu u ade kn Gege? Kaki manyak akibat maen futsal dan bola. Haish

Is he a party dude or stay at home kind of guy?:
"Gege jgn kua mlm berparty!" (Queen Control. Haha)

Is he Outgoing or Shy?
Kalau jwb pendiam mesti sume owg gelak. Haha

Does he love his mama?

Would he hang out with you and YOUR friends?
Brani ke Gege nk kua ngn CSI? Haha cuak kn?

Does he sing?
HEBAT! Dlm kete dn dlm fon. Haha

Does he snore?
Sangat. Haha jgn xngaku Gege i ade bukti

Do you like his friends?
His friends is my friends too ;)

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