Thursday, February 19, 2009


Pretty and Sexy
! Ahahaha! JOJO! I love Jojo! Hee =) Ni sume gara2 Angah smlm la yg sent lagu2 Jojo kt aku kt ym. Ish lame gyle xdgr lagu die! Rindu dow! The last time dgr mase skola2 dulu xsure la form bp. Hmm yelakn artis2 baru sume mule menular dgn rancaknye! Thnx Angah 4 remain me my Jojo. Ahaha. Antara lagu yg aku sgt suke :

"Baby It's You" by Jojo


[Verse 1]
Can somebody explain to me
Why everybody is trying to be
Living like a celebrity
Doing what they see on MTV.
Ice is cool but I am looking for more, simple things is what my heart beats for.

Cause that's me
I don't ask for much
Having you is enough

You ain't got to buy nothing
It's not what I want
Baby it's You
We don't have to go nowhere
Its not what I want
Baby it's you
It's not for what you got
I know you got a lot
No matter what you do
You always gettin Hot
It's You,
It's You
Baby all I want is You Yeah

[Verse 2]
It doesn't matter that your car is fly
And your rims are spinning on the side and
It doesn't matter where we go tonight
Cause if I'm with you I'll be alright.
That's cool but I'm lookin for more
Its your love that my heart beats for.

Cause thats me
Don't have to spend a dime
I just want your time.

[Musical Break]

Yeah Yeah Yeaey Yeahey Ye Ye Yeay......[Fades Out]

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