Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It was suddently :(

23rd February, today was Gege's birthday. So, happy 22nd birthday Sayang. But U know what guys, I am the 1 yg buat my birthday boy cdey. OMG. I deeply hurt him. I'm so sorry. I love U. Yes. Big big YES. I didn't mean to make U sad. Plus, today is ur birthday. Wish U were here so that I can hug U tight and lay a simple kiss to U. Plus, I need sum2 to make me calm down. Hope everythings goona be OK. I am shaking. It was hurt, I know. Too much tear :(

p/s : watch out with ur every single words, people might be hurt :(


ainee cumi2 said...

dah dah jangan sedey!
have a blast year

Baybee Laydee said...

thnx cik ainee sygs ;)